Pre-ProfessionalPhoto: Lori Foxworth

The Pre-Professional Program begins with Ballet 4/4X. As students progress through these levels, their coordination and control is developed through more demanding and complex exercises. As they advance, an emphasis is placed on developing personal artistry through port de bras and epaulement (head and arm movements).

Students age 8 and older and enrolled in Ballet 3/3X and up have the opportunity to audition for The Philadelphia Youth Ballet.

Pointe work is introduced at the discretion of the faculty in a bi-weekly 30-minute Pointe class at approximately age 10 or 11. This class requires pointe shoes, although much of the focus is on strengthening and articulating (rolling) through the pointe shoes, not en pointe (standing on the toes). Pointe work is done at the barre in this level.

In upper level pointe classes, students gain strength and perform pointe work in center, as well as at the barre. In Ballet 6, students begin to study classical variations and partnering.

Note: A placement audition is required for students who are not starting in beginner ballet to ensure appropriate placement. Ages listed for each level are merely guidelines.

Dress Code:
Ballet 4/4X – purple leotard, white socks or footed pink tights, pink split-sole ballet slippers
Ballet 5/5X – turquoise leotard, footed or convertible pink tights w/ seams, pink split-sole ballet slippers
Ballet 6 – black leotard, footed or convertible pink tights w/seams, pink split-sole ballet slippers
Pointe – pointe shoes (solid color sheer skirt optional)
Boys – white tee shirt, black pants, white socks, white ballet slippers (or black tights with black ballet slippers)

We offer Pre-Professional classes at our Old City and Main Line locations.  See this page for our class schedule.

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