Early Childhood

early Childhood

Academic year (Sept-Jun) enrollment opens May 15

The Early Childhood Program includes Dance Together-Toddler & Caregiver Creative Movement, Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes. This program is designed to cultivate the joy for ballet in our youngest dancers while introducing them to the format of a dance class. The use of music and imagination keeps students engaged while they learn basic ballet vocabulary.

Dance Together-Toddler & Caregiver Creative Movement offers an opportunity for toddlers and their caregivers to experience the joy of dancing together.  Caregivers actively participate in this class.  Be prepared to move!

Dance-Together and  Creative Movement classes do not participate in the Spring Showcase, but all Pre-Ballet classes do.

Students go into class independently in Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet classes.

Tuition is non-refundable. This includes changes in nap times, moving, time conflicts, etc. We will try to accommodate schedule changes if there is space available in another class.

In Pre-Ballet students use imagery and props as part of the class, but more ballet vocabulary is integrated into the curriculum than in Creative Movement. We begin to integrate more structured exercises so that students can transition smoothly into the beginner ballet class (Ballet 1) at age 6.

We offer this class at the following locations: