Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

We are proud and honored to have inspired the following glowing reviews from parents over the years. Our hope is always to make a difference in the lives of not only our students but also their family members, and these testimonials are proof of that positive impact.

We hope you feel proud of the terrific work that you do! Thank you for teaching our daughter and so many students not only poise and dance technique but also the joys and results that come from hard work and effort. We appreciate you all. – N Reilly


I cannot thank you enough for the amazing opportunities you all continually place in front of our children. They learn dance. They learn theater. They develop their bodies and their minds. And, they find their voices. And along the way, they learn to celebrate accomplishments, share tears when disappointed, and numerous additional qualities related to life skills and leadership. They learn they are strong, though in very different ways than one another. And they learn resilience. The effects are so far reaching. – Alyssa B.


I have 3 daughters who all attend ballet at The Philadelphia Dance Academy. All are different learners with different personalities, and each has been given the confidence and skills to step out on a stage with several hundred people watching with a smile on their face. This studio encourages all children interested in Ballet, Theater and Contemporary dance to develop skills to the best of their ability without judgment. Couldn’t be happier! – Francine S.


It ‘s been a great experience! Miss Lori and all the teachers are very patient and caring to my daughter. My daughter has developed a strong love of ballet and contemporary dance and theater dance because of The Philadelphia Dance Academy! – Page D.


Lori and her team have created a fantastic environment at PDA. The girls learn and progress through a challenging yet appropriate environment and have numerous opportunities to perform and showcase their talent. The instructors are kind and encouraging and foster a strong sisterhood for the dancers. – Jennifer M.


My daughter has been attending classes at the Phila Dance Academy for seven years and has flourished under their caring and skilled instruction. She loves her instructors and looks forward to every class and every performance. – Leslie C.


PDA is a professional dance school. Very organized. They provide a healthy environment. Every year the end of the year showcase gets better and better. The showcase is never dull or boring, it is always exciting. The PDA staff is committed to their jobs. They love their jobs and it shows, creating a positive environment. I am so glad we found PDA. It is so much more than just dance. – Danielle A.


A healthy environment that inspires young dancers while teaching discipline and commitment in developing their art. – Christina P.


Fabulous place. My three sons love it! The teachers are kind, warm, and instructive. The place has a wonderful energy around it. This place has the best teachers out of any of the other dance classes or sports that my children have participated in. – Alex R.


Great dance education in an encouraging environment. – Tamika C.