Annual Spring Showcase

Annual Spring Showcase

Each year at the end of the Spring Semester, we hold a Showcase in which the majority of our students perform. This is an opportunity for family and friends to witness how much our students have learned over the course of the year. Through performing in the Showcase, participants are able to gain an appreciation for the time and effort involved in preparing for a show. Though students are not required to participate in order to still take class during the Spring Semester, we strongly encourage it. Performing with fellow students is an invaluable experience for young dancers.

Note: Before you purchase tickets, confirm the show day and time in which your child is performing. We have three performances, and each has a slightly different cast. Please know the exact amount of tickets you need before purchasing, as seats are assigned.


All classes except Creative Movement and Adult/Teen Ballet levels. Most classes are in one performance.  All three performances are required for Ballet 5/5X and 6/6X/7, Theater Dance 5/5X and 6/6X, and Contemporary 4/4X and 5/5X.  All ballet classes will perform excerpts from a chosen ballet. In the fall, we will post a list outlining which show(s) classes are performing.

Note: Due to the number of students enrolled in multiple genres across different levels and the number of class offerings, it is not possible for all students to have all dances in the same performance. We tried our best to minimize the number of dancers affected. Please note that Showcase is an optional opportunity and you are not required to participate in Showcase for all classes.

Towards the end of Spring Semester each year.

The 18th Annual Spring Showcase is tentatively scheduled for June 3-4, 2023. Each show lasts about 90 minutes.

The performances are held in a local theater. The 2023 venue is tentatively scheduled for the Gordon Theater at Rutgers – Camden on June 3 & 4, 2023. 

Mandatory In-Studio Dress Rehearsal:

Saturday, May 20 & Sunday, May 21, 2023 (tentative)

The mandatory dress rehearsal is held at our Old City location – The Philadelphia Dance Academy, 219 Cuthbert St, 3rd Floor

Showcase Weekend:

June 3-4, 2023 (tentative)

Walter K. Gordon Theater / Stedman Gallery and Fine Arts Complex

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Camden Campus

314 Linden, Camden, NJ 08102-1403

(free parking in Lot 14)

The Gordon Theater is a 7 minute drive from the Old City studio. Driving directions are available on the Rutgers website.

It is also accessible by NJ public transit. Take the PATCO line from Philadelphia to the Camden City Hall stop at Market and 5th Streets or the Riverline Lightrail to the Cooper St/Rutgers U stop at Cooper and 3rd Streets. Both stops are mere blocks from the campus. See the NJ Transit website for timetables.

Yes. There is a MANDATORY In-Studio Dress Rehearsal two weeks before the show at the Old City studio. The 2023 dates are Saturday, May 20 and/or Sunday, May 21 (tentative).  Specific times for each group will be announced months in advance.  Each class can anticipate approximately 15-30 minutes of rehearsal on either Saturday OR Sunday.  

There is also a MANDATORY In-Theater Technical/Dress rehearsal the on Showcase Weekend.

For all PHL Theater and Contemporary, ARD Contemporary 4/4X, PHL Ballet 3/3X, PHL Ballet 4/4X, PHL Ballet 5/5X, ARD Ballet 5/5X, and 6/6X/7 on the Friday of Showcase weekend at the Gordon Theater as well as a stage rehearsal at the theater before each performance on Showcase weekend.

All those performing must arrive at the theater early so that each class can practice onstage before the show. See below for the exact schedule from 2022. 

Friday, June 3

4:00pm: Dancer Arrival 

4:30-7:30pm: Friday Evening In-Theater Dress Rehearsal for: all PHL Theater and Contemporary, ARD Contemporary 4/4X, PHL Ballet 3/3X & 4/4X, PHL Ballet 5/5X, ARD Ballet 5/5X, and 6/6X/7

Saturday, June 4

8:30am: Cast A Arrival

9:00-10:30: Cast A In-Theater Dress Rehearsal 

11:30am-1:30p: Cast A Performance

1:30pm: Dismissal 

2:30: Cast B Arrival 

2:30-4:00: In-Theater Dress Rehearsal for Performance B

5:00-7:00 Performance B

7:00-7:30 Dismissal 

Sunday, June 5

9:30am: Cast C Arrival

10:00am: 12:00pm: In-Theater Dress Rehearsal for Cast C

1:00-3:00pm: Cast C Performance

3:00-3:30pm: Dismissal

Students who perform in only one show should arrive in costume with hair neatly in a bun (no bangs) for ladies and light stage make-up already done, as dressing room space is limited. Make sure your child has snacks/lunch and plenty of water to last the day. Drinks that could stain costumes are not permitted.

Drop off your child with a staff member in the theater lobby. That staff member will bring your child into the theater and make sure they are being chaperoned by their backstage class volunteer. At that time, you may leave the building and return 30 minutes before show time. Only staff and volunteers are allowed backstage.

In addition to their costumes and headpieces, students need to wear the following:

Ballet- girls must wear footed pink tights and pink ballet slippers or flesh tone tights and matching flesh tone shoes (with a strap sewn, not tied, across the instep). Tights and shoes should be very close in color to create a continuous line.  Hair must be in a neat bun with no bangs.  Boys wear black or white shoes and tights, depending on the costume.  

Theater Dance- girls wear NON-shimmer footed tan tights and tan jazz shoes and boys wear black jazz shoes (tights color may vary by costume). For hair, check with the class’ instructor.

Contemporary Dance -  students should check with the class’ instructor for tights and hair preferences.

Note:  Underwear is not worn under costumes but students may wear a flesh tone leotard or dance belt for boys as an undergarment.  These are available at most dancewear stores.

Tickets are first come, first served and can be purchased online through the link on our website. Seats are assigned. No refunds or exchanges. They are $25-$35 each depending on section of the theater.  You WILL ONLY be able to purchase tickets with a credit card via TicketLeap. If students are going to attend one of the performances in which they are not participating, they will need a ticket to ensure that there is adequate seating. A child who is sitting on your lap the entire show does not need a ticket.

Tickets go on sale on April 15 at 12:01a and sell out in 72 hours. 

Proof of COVID vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours is required by Rutgers University for all attendees.

Note: Before you purchase tickets, confirm the show day and time in which your child is performing. We have three performances, and each has a slightly different cast. Please know the exact amount of tickets you need before purchasing, as seats are assigned.

Yes. We always have both shows professionally filmed. Every family participating in the Annual Spring Showcase will receive a Digital Download.

Each Digital Download contains all three performances. DO NOT TAKE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY DURING THE SHOW OR HOLD UP PHONES/ELECTRONIC DEVICES DURING THE SHOW. The flash upsets and distracts the performers.  Your screen disrupts the view and experience for those around you.   You are not permitted to film during the performance since we have the performance professionally filmed.

The price of the digital download is included in the Showcase Participation Fee.

Sign up to volunteer backstage by adding your name to our Google doc for volunteer sign-up.  We will send this out in late winter/early spring.  We need 1 or 2 parent volunteers assigned to each class (depending on class size). For classes performing in both shows, we ideally like 2 sets of volunteers so that volunteer parents will have a chance to see one of the shows. Volunteers attend In-Studio Dress Rehearsal day and arrive on show day at 8:15a Saturday for the Show A, 2:00p Saturday for Show B, and 9:15a Sunday for Show C . Detailed volunteer procedures available HERE.

The Showcase Participation Fee is $100.  Upon completion of the Showcase Participation Form, DUE NOV 15, the fee is charged automatically to the card on file on November 16 each year. This includes the cost of one costume and the digital download of all three performances. If you have multiple children or your child is performing in more than one dance, the cost is $70 for each additional costume. If we do not receive your costume fee, we WILL NOT order your child a costume.   If you would like to pay in cash or by check please make payment BEFORE November 15.

Students learn dances during their regularly scheduled classes.  A small portion of each class is dedicated to teaching and rehearsing the choreography.  Students who are not participating in the show still participate in this process as learning choreography is a very important skill in dance training even if they are unable to participate in the show.

Usually no. Sometimes smaller classes are combined, but generally each class has a different costume and a different dance, so switching classes after costumes are ordered is not permitted.

One parent/guardian will pick up each child in the hallway outside of the dressing room. Tell a staff member your child’s name, and they will bring your child to you. Only staff members and backstage volunteers are allowed in the dressing room. Dismissal typically takes about 20-25 minutes.

YOU MAY NOT PICK UP YOUR CHILD DURING THE PERFORMANCE.  Dismissal will be done by staff members at the end of the show.

If your child is in both shows on Saturday, they must stay at the theater the entire day, so pack a lunch with plenty of water. If you and your other family members would like to leave, we recommend the Cherry Hill Mall for dining (Capital Grill, Seasons 52, food court, etc.) and shopping. It is about 15 minutes from the theater.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.