Studio B

Studio B

Thank you for your interest in renting our studio space. We have three studios available for rent. Please know that we usually need at least two weeks notice to book a new rental. Once a time is booked for you, you will sign a rental agreement with us.

If you book space during a time when a PDA staff member is present, you do not need a key for entry.

If you book space during a time when a PDA staff member is not on duty, you will need to borrow a key from us. Depending on whether or not other renters are in other studios during your rental time, you may be responsible for unlocking or locking the space. In order to receive a key, we require a walk-through of the space with a PDA staff member at least one week before your rental.

Typical Availability

School Year: September to June

Mon-Fri / 9:00am to 3:30pm often available
Mon-Fri / 6:30pm to 10:00pm periodically available
Sat / only available 6:00pm or later
Sun / often available all day

Summer: June to September

Mon-Fri / only available 5:00pm or later
Sat-Sun / often available all day


Available upon request.

We only accept cash or check rental payments.


All three studios have marley dance floors (therefore, street shoes must be removed before entering), mirrors along one wall, barres along two walls, and a sound system with an AUX cord.

Studio A / approx. 29′ x 17′ / has south-facing and west-facing windows, one support pole towards the front of the room

Studio B / approx. 39′ x 26′ / has south-facing windows

Studio C / approx. 32′ x 19′ / has south-facing windows

To begin the rental process, contact us.