Policies & Dress Code


  1. Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class time.
  2. Please email the studio if the student will be absent or significantly late to class.
  3. Students may make up a missed class in another class, but we strongly encourage students to make every effort to attend their regularly scheduled class. Email or call to schedule a make-up class. Make-ups are not permitted during the final week of each semester, and they must be scheduled in the semester in which the absence occurs.
  4. Students may not be able to participate in the Spring Showcase if they have excessive absences; greater than 20%.

Class Cancellations

  1. In the event of inclement weather, we will close when Philadelphia public schools close. There will be a message on the voicemail and the website when classes are cancelled.
  2. If an instructor is unable to teach a class, we find a qualified substitute. If under some extreme circumstance we cannot find a substitute, we will cancel class and schedule a make-up class.
  3. If a holiday or snow day falls on your scheduled day, you may make up the class with the same or similar level on a different day. Tuition will not be prorated or refunded, even if you are unable to make up the class.
  4. Private lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time; otherwise full payment is due.

Payment/Refund Policy

  1. School year tuition installments are automatically charged twice a year, on August 15 and January 15.  The credit card on file will be AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED unless payment has been made before due date.
  2. Summer tuition: $50 deposit due at time of enrollment, remaining balance AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED two weeks prior to the start of the program.
  3. There is a weekly late payment fee of $25 and a returned check fee of $20.
  4. The $25 annual registration fee is non-refundable.
  5. Sale of all leotards, costumes, and dancewear is final.
  6. Tuition is 75% refundable after the first class, 50% refundable after the second class, and non-refundable after the third class.

This refund policy applies to all classes including Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet, regardless of changes in nap times, moving, time conflict, etc. We will try to accommodate schedule changes if there is space available in another class.


  1. Please talk quietly in the reception area and hallways.
  2. Please keep doors to studios closed.
  3. Please keep all strollers, scooters, and belongings away from the elevator and all doors.
  4. Please refrain from running in the studios or hallways.
  5. Please do not place coffee or other drinks on the carpet.
  6. Please use observation windows sparingly so that students do not get distracted.

Dress Code

  1. Hair Neatly Secured: Hair must be secured away from the face – in a ballet bun or similar style for all students in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, and Ballet, and a bun or ponytail for Theater Dance and Contemporary Dance. If hair is too short for a bun, please wear a headband to secure hair away from face. Make-a-Bun kits are for sale at the front desk for $3. Each kit contains 2 hair ties, 15 hair pins, and 1 hair net. We unfortunately cannot lend hair supplies. We did, however, find a make-a-bun online tutorial. And one specifically for shorter hair.
  2. No Accessories: No jewelry, watches, skirts, tutus, legwarmers, or warm-ups. Skirts are permitted for Pointe class only.
  3. Attire: Students must follow the appropriate dress code for each level:
Level Dress Code
Dance Together – Toddler/Caregiver white leotard (optional: white socks with pink ballet slippers); Caregiver-comfortable clothes, socks
Creative Movement white leotard (optional: white socks with pink ballet slippers)
Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 white leotard, white socks, pink ballet slippers (footed pink tights required for Annual Spring Showcase)
Ballet 1/1X powder blue leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Ballet 2/2X royal blue leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Ballet 3/3X lavender or lilac leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Ballet 4/4X purple leotard (not eggplant/burgundy), footed or convertible pink tights, pink split-sole ballet slippers
Ballet 5/5X turquoise leotard, footed or convertible pink tights, pink split-sole ballet slippers
Ballet 6 black leotard, footed or convertible pink tights, pink split-sole ballet slippers
Pointe current level attire plus pointe shoes (solid color skirt optional)
Theater Dance black leotard/tank OR ballet level leotard OR Philadelphia Dance Academy tank/tee, footed tan tights OR black jazz pants/leggings, TAN jazz shoes (footed tan tights required for Annual Spring Showcase)
Contemporary Dance solid color leotard/tank OR Philadelphia Dance Academy tank/tee. Convertible tights OR leggings required. No bare legs. Bare feet.
Boys white tee shirt, black pants, white socks, white or black ballet slippers (black tights and black slippers for boys in Pre-Professional program; black jazz shoes for Theater Dance; tights and slippers in other colors might be required for Nutcracker or Annual Spring Showcase)