Pay Tuition


Save a Credit Card to Your Account

If you are an existing customer, you can log in to the portal using the blue button below and add one credit card to your family account. You can then make payments with that card. Note: after you enroll in a class, fees take 1-7 days to appear in your account before you can pay them with this feature.

Existing Customer Portal Login

PayPal No Longer Available

You can no longer use PayPal to pay your balance. Please use a credit card, cash (Old City location only), or a check made payable to The Philadelphia Dance Academy.

Payment Schedule

The Academy follows the academic calendar, meaning we have classes from September to June, for a total of 36 weeks.

  1. Fall Tuition is due September 15.
  2. A $15 Late Fee is added on October 1.
  3. Spring Tuition is due January 15.
  4. A $15 Late Fee is added on February 1.

We have payment plans available only for students taking two hours of class or more per week ($575 per semester). Please contact us to set up a payment schedule. Options: 2 payments or 4 payments per semester.

Annual Fee

There is an annual $25 registration fee applied to each family’s account at the beginning of the school year. This fee is in addition to tuition. Adult students who do not also have children attending the Academy are exempt from this fee.

Spring Showcase Costume Fee

Each costume fee for the Spring Showcase at the end of the school year is $70 and is due November 15. For details, visit the Showcase page.

Tuition Fees

Semester Fees:
Due Sept 15 and Jan 15
Hours Per Week
(Per Student)
$360 1 hour
$450 1.5 hours
$575 2 hours
$675 2.5 hours
$750 3 hours
$850 3.5 hours
$950 4 hours
$1050 4.5 hours
$1150 5 hours
$1200 5.5 hours
$1250 6 hours
$1500 Unlimited Classes


Private Lessons

The cost for private lessons is $65/hour or $80/hour and a half. Discounts apply to packages of lessons.

Open Classes

For classes not affiliated with the Academy, rates are different than our tuition listed above. See our Class Schedule for details.